A Better Way

Vol. 5 No. 6 February 4, 2002

I was looking for a new pair of shoes and there was one particular shoe store I wanted to visit. I knew where I wanted to go, and I knew one way to get there. What I did not know at the time was that there was a better way. I only knew one route. Even though it would require traveling back across town and would take me much longer than I preferred, I decided to go the familiar route. The entire trip I continued to think, "Surely there is a better way. There must be a shorter route."

When I started home I decided to go exploring. I decided to try a road I had never traveled. Unfamiliar territory. I had seen the signs before and wondered where the road would lead me, I had never felt comfortable going that route, but today I had the time and the nerve, so off I went. Much to my surprise and delight, the new way took me back to within a few blocks of my starting point in about half the time. It was a better way.

I have done the same thing many times in life. I know where I want to go. I know one sure way to get there. I have been that way. I know the turns and the stops. I know it is safe. I am familiar with it. Sure it takes a while, but I know this way. So, that is the way I go. I am comfortable with this way.

Then, someone suggests I try a new route. Maybe a better way. I am skeptical. I am not familiar with this new trail. I could get lost. There may be some risks. There may be unexpected stops and turns. But, the potential rewards are great.

Needless to say many of these promising shortcuts turn out to be anything but shortcuts. Longer. More costly. More difficult. A higher degree of anxiety. The old way was the better way. More often than not, however, the new way really is the better way.

Spiritually speaking we are often content with the old ways. We hear of new ways and different ways of doing things, but our initial reaction is to conclude that the old is naturally better. For sure it is safer. There must be something wrong with the new way. So, we travel the same old paths and get the same old results. All the while wondering if perhaps there might be a better way.

Jesus is the better way.

Copyright 2002